Walking in the Light

The title of this blog is not taken by accident or used casually. It is meant to focus our attention on our call to live every day in the light of Jesus' life and encourage us to walk our days as He walked His, in purposeful obedience. This sounds like a lofty, some will say impossible goal. How can we, mere mortals, live a God edifying life of holiness and joy in today's world? they will ask. We can only do it the way Jesus did it - because of His willingness to walk the path set before Him with integrity and in submission motivated by His great love.

The world is a better place when we live lives that honor and serve Him, allowing His light to shine in and through us. This is what this blog is about, discovering the Light of Jesus and letting it become our own, because He is the Light and we are one with Him (John 17:20-23).

Those who are already believers may see these discussions as a reminder or encouragement. Those in search of an answer to life issues and the big question: Why? will find answers in God's mercy and Jesus' sacrifice for our sake. And some, believer and unbeliever alike, who are mired in the misery of seemingly inescapable sin, will find the power of God's love for us. Even for me, even for you.

What You Will Find Here

This blog is divided into three main sections, each focusing on a different area of faith.

Devotions are my own thoughts on scripture. Reading God's Word consistently is a hallmark of a faithful believer's life. The Bible's instruction, wisdom, and clarity are the only true guidelines for living a life that honors and serves God.

Practical Faith focuses on translating head knowledge about God into a living relationship with Him as we walk through our daily lives. Posts will include personal experiences and learnings, thoughts on how a believer can navigate the chaos of today's world and being thoughtful about important responsibilities to family and society.

Overcoming is about walking our way out of darkness and into the Light. From my own life's journey, God's Word, and a few other sources as well, you will learn how God speaks into the overcomer’s experience to challenge, correct, encourage, and bless us. If you are walking the overcomer's path out of addiction, abuse, hopelessness, or habitual sin in your own life, you will learn that there is a way to freedom and that you are in good company.

No matter where you are or where you are coming from, God has a plan for your future. Sometimes, we simply need to shine a light on it to see it clearly.

Welcome to Walking in the Light.

Ken Burkhalter


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